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Stop Signs are Ineffective at Traffic Calming

Conventional Stop Sign Drawbacks

It might strike some people that the obvious approach to dealing with aggressive drivers would be more stop signs. However, stop signs can simply aggravate the problem. Stop signs increase a driver's frustration and can lead to the driver becoming even more reckless than before. A very aggressive driver might simply roll through the stop or take no notice of the sign at all. Part of this is due to the fact that stop signs are static and easier to overlook, especially in quiet areas where drivers are less likely to meet a policeman.

Unnecessary Problems

Stop signs can cause unnecessary problems that are easily avoidable. Stop signs can cause drivers to be more reckless, making them more likely to hit a pedestrian. Why waste driving time and increase the risks of potential damage to people and property when a simple dynamic speed sign could get the job done much more effectively?

Dynamic Speed Signs

Dynamic speed signs are far superior to stop signs because they actually slow down the overall speed of traffic, rather than causing drivers to briefly stop and then hurry on faster than they should be going. Dynamic radar speed signs cause drivers to pay attention because of their bright appearance and their ability to change. Studies show that static speed signs are easy to overlook because they are so familiar. If you pass the same sign every day, you are far less likely to notice or even think about it. Dynamic speed signs have the advantage of being different and thus command the attention of passing drivers more easily stop signs.

Stopping Aggressive Drivers

A stop sign is very unlikely to affect an aggressive driver. Only a sign that has a substantial presence and is easily noticeable can have the effect of being a deterrent. Driver feedback signs like those made by TraffiCalm give the impression of authority and police presence. A driver is far less likely to speed through a residential neighborhood if they suspect that a policeman might be nearby. To check out the full list of TraffiCalm products, go to their website or call and ask about their dynamic speed signs for your neighborhood.