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Radar Speed Sign

Traffic Calming Around Hotels

Any Need

Hotels are unique because they go through stages when they are busy and when they are inactive. During tourists seasons or when there is a conference in town, the hotels fill up quickly. But when there is nothing going on, there tends to be much fewer people coming in to stay. These changes call for a special kind of approach. When things are slower, the need for traffic control goes down, but when things pick back up the need rises. Hotels need traffic calming methodsthat can accommodate any need for any time of year. Why have a sign that is good for today while things are slow but won't be any use when things get busy next week?

Lots and Garages

Since larger hotels often have bigger parking lots and garages, the need for traffic calming measures is clear. Underground garages and large parking lots a typical place for people to show off their cars handling and speed so it is important to make it clear that strict speeds must be followed for the safety or all those nearby. There is more at risk than just running into another car that is backing out. Families with children often move slowly through parking lots, pushing strollers and pulling travel bags. If guests are driving too quickly through the parking areas they can put these families at risk.

Speed Signs

Speed display signs can help take care of any problems you may be having with your hotel parking. These signs display speeds but also keep track of the speed of passing cars, allowing you to determine where the sign is most needed. If you are having trouble in the lots and garages, speed signs enable you to both reduce the speed of traffic, and determine if that is where the greatest need really exists.

The TraffiCalm Guarantee

TraffiCalm guarantees to supply you with traffic signs that are high quality and will suit your needs. No matter what kind of sign you need to keep the traffic around your hotel under control, TraffiCalm will be happy to supply you with a sign that fits and that comes with an affordable price tag. Keep the guests at your hotel safe by putting up a TraffiCalm sign that will slow down aggressive drivers and collect the information you need to determine which area of the hotel most needs monitoring. TraffiCalm is waiting for your call so contact them over the phone or go to their website to go through their quality products today.