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Traffic Calming on Business Campuses: More Than Accident Prevention

You can gain a lower accident rate, less congestion and a more pleasing area to walk and drive in when you use the right traffic control techniques like driver feedback signs that slow traffic down.

  There's also an important benefit that might not be obvious right away. It's one thing that businesses clamor for and sometimes never quite achieve. You can take your business a step in the right direction if you can help prevent accidents and problems on your corporate or business campus.

Goodwill and Public Perception

  The benefit of traffic calming that might not be immediately apparent is public goodwill. In many cases, this is something that isn't easily created and can take years to achieve. But if a corporate campus becomes a place that's a source of complaints or problems, that goodwill or good image in the public's mind can start to fade. If many accidents are reported within a campus, the company's brand can start to be associated with these negative things, and goodwill can start to erode.

  If the traffic on a campus runs smoothly and few or no accidents occur, you don't risk public perception turning sour. It might not gain you goodwill in the public eye, but it can help maintain any that your company already has.

Avoid PR Problems with Driver Feedback Signs

  We've all seen companies on television that seemed to be public darlings one day and were nearly hated the next. Companies caught harming the environment through thrift or laziness, or companies that mistreat workers. Companies where industrial accidents occur through negligence of some sort. All these are seen by the public in a certain way, and goodwill disappears.

  While a few traffic accidents associated with your brand might not destroy all goodwill, it will form an association of sorts in some people's minds. If every time someone attempts to visit your campus they're faced with stoppages, delays, and problems, that could stick. Make sure you have adequate parking, plenty of room to drive and walk, and devices like TraffiCalm's MUTCD traffic signs to slow traffic and help traffic flow.

  If accidents do occur, and sometimes they are inevitable, at least the public will see that you've attempted to prevent them and taken every step possible when you have signs up to calm traffic.

  Driver feedback signs that reflect drivers' speeds back at them are proven to help slow traffic. TraffiCalm is a member of the ATSSA and the IMSA in order to keep abreast of traffic and sign technology to provide you with the best products. These high-quality signs are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility. Contact TraffiCalm for more information today.