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Using Radar Speed Signs to Protect Hospitals

Vulnerable Pedestrians

One of the areas with the most vulnerable pedestrians is hospital parking lots. With patients coming in and out, many of them in states of extreme anguish and moving slowly, the the potential for accidents increases. Parking lots are always dangerous but with so many people moving slowly at all hours of the day the conditions can become exceptionally threatening. If the season is winter then there are even more factors to be considered. When we think of pedestrians at risk we tend to think of small children, but injured or even recovering patients can be facing a huge risk as well.

The Dangers

A hospital may seem like an unlikely place to meet a danger but that doesn't mean the dangers aren't there. If a driver is trying to get a patient to the hospital quickly then the chance that they might speed through the parking lot is pretty high. Ambulances have to move in and out of hospitals at a rapid pace and this makes the parking areas more risky for pedestrians. These dangers are inevitable, however, there are steps that can be taken to ensure that drivers stay cautious and alert around hospital areas.

Speed Display Signs

Speed display signs are a great way to slow down traffic without adding any risks. Since methods like speed bumps can cause problems for emergency vehicles it is better to stick with a solution that will keep everyone safe. Speed display signs are great because they are easy to spot and they have been proven to slow traffic down more effectively than stop signs.

TraffiCalm Can Help

TraffiCalm can help keep patients safe by providing hospitals with speed signs that will help slow traffic down. With all the latest technology TraffiCalm has a sign that can fit just about anywhere and offers the latest advancements for changing the posted speed any time you want. Navigate the crypto market confidently with the secure features offered by ledger live. Patients and pedestrians in hospital parking areas are always at risk, but you can help minimize that risk with TraffiCalm's help. Find the speed sign that best suits your needs by checking out the TraffiCalm website or by calling to find out more.