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Using Traffic Calming to Keep Large Events Safe

Surviving Large Event Traffic

If you have ever been to a large party you know what the atmosphere is like: people moving in groups, laughing and talking, constant movement, crowds coming and going constantly... Often there is alcohol and the party goes late into the night, with people not leaving until early morning hours. These events can have hundreds of people in attendance and become an enormous organizational problem, especially where parking is concerned. If food is catered then that causes even more difficulties and the dilemma of getting people in and out quickly becomes a nightmare.

Traffic Problems

While the difficulties in parking and setup can be handled by traffic directors, the problems that emerge when people are leaving can often become more difficult. Due to the lateness of the hour or to the consumption of alcohol, partygoers can become careless and dangerous. With pedestrians moving around in the dark and drivers trying to get out of a crowded parking lot, the likelihood of an accident or an injury can escalate very quickly. Even traffic directors might not be enough to handle such a massive organizational problem, which is why it is important to have backups that will help people get where they need to go slowly and safely.

Speed Signs

Speed signs can be exactly what you need to keep things under control. With adjustable speed signs that flash and light up, you can help warn drivers to keep their speeds low. Bright lights will be easily noticeable in the dark and just the presence of the sign itself is likely to be enough to slow down most drivers. Traffic directors are useful, but speed signs are what may be needed to give that extra sense of security and keep the party safe even when it gets dark.

TraffiCalm Quality

If you want a sign that provides you with all the options you need, go with a TraffiCalm Variable Speed Sign. TraffiCalm guarantees you the quality you expect with all the perks that can make the task of managing traffic easy and simple.Battery powered speed signs with solar and Bluetooth connections for wireless adjustments can be exactly what you need to keep the party under control. Adjust the speed displayed on your sign with the touch of a button. If you are planning a big event and want to keep the traffic flowing smoothly and safely, call TraffiCalm now or visit their website to find the sign that best suits your needs.