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Using a Traffic Calming Sign to Reduce Speeding

Common Speeding Areas

Some areas are much more common for speeding than others. Long stretches of highway tend to be an obvious choice for speeders, but so are places like large parking lots and garages. Even residential neighborhoods can become a target zone. This sort of reckless behavior puts a great many people at risk and it is important that any area with severe speeding problems be addressed immediately. Only by quickly and effectively shutting down the problem can accidents be avoided.

Choice Methods

There are a few choice methods for shutting down speeding but many of them bring baggage and problems that you don't want in your neighborhood. Stop signs seem like an obvious choice for traffic calming, but stops signs are unlikely to deter serious speeding vehicles. Speed bumps are another option, but speed bumps have the drawback of becoming a major inconvenience for residential neighborhoods and certainly impossible on busy highways. Decreasing the overall speed of the area will have virtually no effect because speeders who are already ignoring the posted speed limit are very unlikely to take notice of a new posted speed limit.

The Best Solution

The best solution for most speeding problems is the installation of a dynamic speed sign in the affected area. Dynamic speed signs have the advantage of not being a nuisance to residential drivers and also being perfectly safe on the highways. With flashing lights and illuminated messages, dynamic speed signs are almost impossible to ignore. Speed signs also have the advantage of being a deterrent to regular speeders because they have an official look that people associate with the police. If a speeder sees an illuminated speed sign he is more likely to suspect that there is a policeman nearby and less likely to speed through the area.

TraffiCalm Official

TraffiCalm makes variable speed signs that look official and professional. No matter where the need is, on the highway or in a residential neighborhood, a dynamic speed sign can help solve the problem. Statistics show that most drivers reduce their speed when they see a dynamic speed sign and TraffiCalm offers all the best. Choose from a wide selection of signs that come with advantages like Bluetooth connectivity that makes for easy changes and alteration. To learn more about TraffiCalm or to take a look at their product line, call TraffiCalm today or visit the website.