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Using Variable Speed Limit Signs in Multi-Purpose Areas to Eliminate Driver Confusion

Pedestrians and Vehicular Areas

Some of the most dangerous driving areas are those with both pedestrian, and vehicular traffic. It is essential that traffic be carefully monitored through the use of traffic calming measures like MUTCD signs. Since there are many areas that may require attendance, just using a standard traffic sign is probably not the answer. With areas like school zones, work zones, and industrial workplaces all requiring different levels of attention, a fixed, static road sign won't get the job done. Only a variable speed sign can manage all of these problems and thankfully, TraffiCalm can supply them.

Adjusting for Traffic

A multi-purpose area, like a school, is a perfect example of a place there are pedestrians and drivers. There are children moving in and out and typically the speed limits are kept low. But when school is out, a higher speed limit can be placed. There are usually static signs which indicate these changing rules and restrictions for when school is in session but unfortunately, they are not always effective. Driver's will sometimes miss or ignore the signs that specify when certain speeds are permitted and when they are not. This is often the case with static speed signs, because they are unchanging and unattractive drivers can easily pass them by without even noticing them.

Variable Speed Signs from TraffiCalm

One of the best things about TraffiCalm's variable speed signs is the way that they grab the attention of a driver. While static speed signs are boring and easy to ignore, a dynamic speed signs (like the ones from TraffiCalm) is almost impossible to ignore. With a bright LED display that displays the current speed to passing traffic, these signs can make an enormous difference. The speeds can be set to change automatically or changed via Bluetooth. This makes it easy to change the speed to suit the traffic for the time of day or time of year.

Keeping Drivers Focused

In some areas like work zones, drivers can get confused because of continually changing speeds. If workers keep putting out static speed signs with different speeds, drivers may simply end up ignoring the signs. This is where a TraffiCalm variable speed sign can make a difference. The speed can easily be changed and with a bright LED display, the new speed will be difficult for a driver to miss. These signs can make all the difference in keeping drivers focused. If you are looking to make things safer in a multi-purpose area where there is both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, a variable speed sign may be exactly what you are looking for. TraffiCalm offers signs that come from an ISO9001 manufacturer, making them official and reliable. TraffiCalm is committed to making your roads safer. Looking into setting up a variable speed sign can have a tremendous impact in protecting yourself and those around you