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The System

Everything In Stock, All From TraffiCalm

Pedestal Pole, LED Beacon and housing, Solar Supply, Wireless Enabled Controller (solar engine)- All tested, stocked by, and warranted for 5 years by TraffiCalm™. We’ve taken the guesswork out of compatibility and support, and made it easier than ever to use beacons in a bunch of applications.

We provide flexibility across the board- 12 inch solid state beacons in red or amber. Housings and visors in green, yellow, or black in aluminum or polycarbonate. Back planes designed for fast installation. Solar and ac options for any climate. Single or Dual placement options. All optimized to cover whatever you’re working.

Features That Have Real Impacts on Real Roads

School Zone safety

Entirely designed and tested in house, our Intelligent Traffic Beacons take shape from the best components in the industry to provide a fast to install, affordable to own, and easy to maintain solution.

TraffiCalm™ does warning beacons better. Only we offer non-dimming, day and night AC-like operation on solar. No one else has designed a system optimized on (as much as) a 150W solar panel and 43Ah battery. Add on our inexpensive radar and a compatible LED Sign ring and it is easy to see why TraffiCalm™ has the beacon you’ll love.

TraffiCalm™ Intelligent Beacons are the upgrade you’ve been asking for.


Controllers and Collaborators

Slim Design, Seamless Integration

TraffiCalm™ is committed to consistency. Driver Feedback, LED Flashing Signs, Wrong Way Prevention, and now Beacons, all work as a familiar and memorable experience. We thought outside the box- threw out the box- and now we have a post top assembly that will be very recognizable to signal techs.

Designed to hide amongst the beacon and its mounting structure, the Slimline Controllers and Collaborators provide all the benefits of a TraffiCalm Flashing Sign System in sleek, robust housing.

Also, we take full advantage of hiding a substantial, eco friendly battery in the base of the post, rather than on an external box. This further streamlines the overall appearance and function of the system.

Oh, and out of the box they are ready to integrate with Connected Vehicle interfaces by way of any road side unit.

The whole assembly houses inside the all-too-familiar post top terminal cabinet. Most of the magic happens on that black cover, which, by the way, features an LED flash confirmation light, next to the antenna. That’s innovation that is simple but often overlooked.


Standard Wireless Setup

Easier than you’ve ever experienced, at no extra cost

Configure, schedule, and synchronize multiple beacons from a central Controller by way of our built-in Meshnet Wireless Collaboration. With 1,000 feet of repeatable range, we can build a system to cover entire city blocks, or the school around the corner.

Unlike archaic systems that prove impossible to add new hardware in, our Controllers can add an additional Collaborator in a matter of minutes. This also means that if a unit gets damaged beyond repair, replacing it is a breeze.

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