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Sign Post Flasher 60" x 5/8"Red

Red Reflective Single Spaced Red LEDs

TraffiCalm® Sign Post Flashers bring unmatched illumination and driver awareness to traffic sign locations that have been prone to crashes. They are designed to enhance the traditional sign post reflector and to be paired with TraffiCalm’s Flashing LED Sign Rings. The entire system is virtually impossible to miss and increases visibility, especially in adverse weather and nighttime conditions.



60 in / 152.4 cm long x .61 in / 1.59 cm wide
Power Requirement
2.4 Watts, 12V input
Mounting Provisions
3M VHB pressure sensitive adhesive across full length of back of flasher with 3M primer included for maximum bonding to reflective sheeting
All TraffiCalm Flashing Sign System Controllers and Collaborators. Will flash in unison with TraffiCalm Flashing LED Sign Rings
Installation Recommendations
Apply to existing (or new) rigid sign post reflector (minimum 60” high) to maximize visibility and environmental contrast
  • M75-R0060-FA40

    Sign Post Flasher 60" x 5/8"Hi-Viz Yellow

    Hi-Viz Yellow Reflective 4 Grouped Amber LEDs

  • M75-R0060-WW30

    Sign Post Flasher 60" x 5/8"White

    White Reflective 3 Grouped White LEDs

  • M75-R0060-YA40

    Sign Post Flasher 60" x 5/8"Yellow

    Yellow Reflective 4 Grouped Amber LEDs