TraffiCalm™ makes traffic calming devices for today’s roads.

With our vast LED sign design experience, and the broadest line of radar speed signs on the market. With a growing line of innovative complementary products, TraffiCalm™ is becoming the most complete and trusted traffic calming device manufacturer on the market.

Our most affordable pole-mounted radar speed signs. Fully functional, designed for situations where full matrix display and data collection capabilities are not necessary.

9″ Value Sign (Solar)

9″ Value Portable Sign

9″ Value Dolly Mounted Sign

12″ Value Sign (Solar)

12″ Value Portable Sign

12″ Value Dolly Mounted Sign

Pole-mounted radar speed signs with full programming and data collection capabilities. Pick a sign and a power supply for the the complete traffic calming solution!


iQ900 Portable

iQ900 Dolly Mounted


iQ1200 Portable

iQ1200 Dolly Mounted



iQ1800 Jumbo Signs

iQ1500 Variable Speed Limit Sign

Trailer Mounted Sign

Solar and AC Power Options

Sign Accessories

Radar Speed Signs and related products designed especially for highway work zones.

iQ1500 Work Zone DFB

iQ1800 Work Zone DFB

Flashing Sign Systems